The story of a beautiful English.

Once in a while a creation is so spot-on that it stays in people’s hearts and lives for decades, even more so if it’s affordable and fills specific needs. The automobile you are looking at is a perfect example: purpose designed, uncompromising and beautiful styling. It was the car of No 6 in "The Prisoner" and this is her story.
Colin Chapman is one of the greatest car designers of all times. We are not talking about sheet metal design only. He designed entire automobiles including shell, suspension, chassis etc. The genius pioneered technologies like monocoque or ground effect on formula one car.

In 1957, Chapman launched the most emblematic of his designs: the Lotus 7 Series 1, a sports car in the purest British form. This fantastic car became quickly a very popular sports car. It was narrow, open wheels, light weight and reasonable price. All of these qualities combined made of the 7 one of the race enthusiast’s favorite. The successor of the series 1 was the series 2 in 1960, followed by the series 3 in 1968 and the series 4 in 1970.

When Lotus stopped production of the 7 in 1973, Graham Near, one of UK biggest Lotus dealers at that time, bought the rights to keep building the beloved vehicle. Caterham Cars has been building the sport convertible since then.

This 1100 lbs sports car offers timeless styling with high performance. The very low weight and spartan interior provides a unique driving experience. The vehicle is available in various versions and with a wide range or engines, most of them as kit cars.

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