The 2013 Whisky Advent Calendar

I know what you are thinking: it is early October and we are already talking about Christmas. What can I say, this is a special gift that you probably want to order early, so you are ready to enjoy it in December.
Here comes the Whisky Advent Calendar 2013. Following the success of the 2012 edition, the good people at Drinks By The Dram have decided to reiterate the project, offering the happy owner the excitement of finding, behind the little door, a new blend every day. Yes, it's Christmas!

The description from the website is so good that I will just give you a preview right here:

You bike in the air: cycloc.

Those of you who shop at some stores like Whole Foods may have seen these on the wall by the entrance and wonder what they were.

Cycloc is an innovative bike storage system that has some pretty  amazing qualities. It's affordable, looks good and most importantly works admirably well.

The beautiful sounds: Bang & Olufsen A9

Bang & Olufsen got us used to magnificent designs for almost 100 years. This BeoPlay A9 is no exception to the rule. The Dannish company has created a complete stereo system in a single unit. Connect the stylish speaker via Ethernet, wifi, Airplay or DLNA and enjoy an impressive sound from this large yet portable system.

Champagne cork table

Designer Stewart Rose imagined this giant champagne cork side table. Made from natural Portuguese cork, this furniture contains the equivalent of 1300 regular Champagne corks. And since you are wondering, it's 110 times bigger than the original.

This product is 100% handmade and is available for $250.

For the Champagne freaks, there is also a stool ($250) as well as a Champagne Cork Cooler ($75) that complement the table.


House of windows.

One couple, one house and a lot of windows. Actually, the entire fa├žade is made entirely with windows.

Watch this documentary by Matt Glass and Jordan Wayne on the makers, Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz,  and their "house of windows".

Multiposture device: TriWing by Marco Hemmerling

TriWing, by Marco Hemmerling is a chair that lets you choose between four postures.
You switch between seating styles by flipping this continuously curved geometry.

Adult Popsicle.

For those of you who buy Food&Wine magazine, this won’t be a huge surprise but for those who don’t, this might be a nice discovery. We spotted this recipe in an old issue of F&W and, as the weather was really heating up, we thought we might try it and share it with you. This adult treat is a perfect way to slide from the afternoon to the evening: Gin cucumber lime popsicles. This recipe is really easy and you can’t go wrong, but it is a little time consuming. It’s also easy because you can easily prepare this well before a party, up to a week in advance.

Finally a futon that looks sharp.

You might wonder why we are presenting a futon. This is not just any futon.
The Figo Futon chaise lounge, before being a sleeping appliance, is a unexpectedly stylish recliner with a sharp looking solid pine frame.

This easy-on-the eye futon is available in many colors for $550.

Sitting black creature: Plum stool

Plum carbon stool is still a concept but its striking design is worth sharing.
Alvaro Uribe designed an extravagant sculptural piece with sexy lines and modern manufacturing techniques. Inspired by the way natural creatures evolve and grow, this carbon fiber stool envisions furniture of the future in a brilliant way .

A trailer that will get you there: The XTR


For those who love to get away, travel and explore, while maintaining some level of comfort, Moby1 created the XTR. Starting at just $16,500, this hand crafted off-road trailer brings a little piece of civilization to the most remote areas.