Mondaine Classic

Some objects have such a unmistakable design that you would not need any name on it. Jeep Wrangler, iPod or Louis Vuitton purses would be excellent examples.

In the wristwatch world, many brands have their own language and very recognizable creations but there is one that you could recognize from the other side of the room: Mondaine.

Mondaine is a Swiss watchmaker that offers a very unique line of product based on the classical Swiss railway station clock. You will not find any numbers on the face, just bold straight black lines and a red second hand wit h dot at its extremity.

This design was created in 1944 by the Swiss Railway Engineer Hans Hilfiker. Mondaine adapted the simple blueprint to wrist watches in 1986.
The model shown above is the “classic”. It features a medium size 36 mm polished stainless steel case and black leather strap. The design has been adapted to black faces as well as larger dials. Depending on the model you favor, price ranges from $175 to $600. For that price you get a unique watch with legendary design but no sapphire crystal nor automatic movement.

Technical Specifications
Water Resistance: 30 m
Case: diameter 36 mm, Stainless Steel polished
Caseback: pressed
Strap: Black leather
Crystal: Mineral
Movement: Swiss Quartz

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