Photo in style - the Fujifilm X100

If you like nice things, beautiful photos, style and exclusivity, rejoice. Fujilim has launched a brand new camera that combines superb style with unique technology.
The new X100 is inspired by the style of classic cameras. It features an elegant metal body and well machined controls.

It may look simple and minimalist but this new jewel integrates the latest technology in digital photography. You will find strong cues from the past in the ergonomy and operation of this fujipix. For example, aperture, exposure compensation and shutter speed can be checked even with the camera off thank to old fashioned dials on the magnesium alloy upper control deck.

The front face the X100 gives the illusion this is a traditional true range finder but it actually packs a state of the art hybrid display that can overlay information on top of a "bright frame" display.
If you want to know more about htis beautiful camera, I suggest the X100 mini site or a full review of the device on dpreview.


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