The 2013 Whisky Advent Calendar

I know what you are thinking: it is early October and we are already talking about Christmas. What can I say, this is a special gift that you probably want to order early, so you are ready to enjoy it in December.
Here comes the Whisky Advent Calendar 2013. Following the success of the 2012 edition, the good people at Drinks By The Dram have decided to reiterate the project, offering the happy owner the excitement of finding, behind the little door, a new blend every day. Yes, it's Christmas!

The description from the website is so good that I will just give you a preview right here:

First came sliced bread. It was the best thing. Nothing could touch it. Nothing, that is, until Drinks By The Dram created The Whisky Advent Calendar! Now returning for a second outing, it still laughs in the face of chocolate advent calendars. "Ha!"

This fantastic gift is available at Master of for $240.

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