What a word is worth: the Waterman Edson

waterman edson pen

In this digital age, there are some things that still give us confidence, a reassuring sense of stability and faith in the value of time. Just like taking pictures with an old medium format argentic film, taking the time to compose, think, wait and let the magic happen, fountain pens are in the very close club of marvelous objects that are worth more then the value of the material they are made of.

Fountain pen, if carefully chosen, provide a smooth experience and extraordinary styling. A distinctive attribute that will also be reflected in your writing style. First you will want to write intead of typing, then you will realize that a fountain pen has a rhythm, it's almost breathing. Just like a manual camera, it will make you slow down, think and pay attention to what you do. Better crafted prose is at the end of the nib.

waterman edson pen

Today, we want to introduce you to the Edson collection from the French maker Waterman.
The barrel is made of a resin that is unique to the Edson. It provides a soft yet stiff feeling. The section and the barrel are slightly translucent. The cap is made of metal and snaps. There is unfortunately no thread here.
Trims are plated with 23.3 kt gold.

The 18kt gold nib is quite stiff, which is not a problem if you like that writing feel.
Waterman advertises that this pen handles airline traveling better than any other. Thanks to its hi-tech feeder system, the loss of pressure due to the altitude will not make the pen leak out ink into the cap up to 30,000 feet. No need to leave it behind on your transoceanic travels.

The Waterman Edson model is available in a variety of colors and retails around $1000. It is available in fountain pen as well as roller-ball.

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