A whisky chiller that rocks.

whisky chilled with steatite stones
Whisky lovers are split in 3 groups based on how they appreciate their favorite malt. Some like it neat, others with water and finally some like on ice.

A properly chilled single malt is delectable but here is the dilemma: you add one or two ice cubes, they melt and now your rare scotch is diluted. Gone are the strength and powerful aromas.
While many do not mind a modest drop in alcohol strength, too much hurts the fantastic experience of a single malt.

This is where this marvelous product comes in. This is not a novel idea but is well executed here. The concept is simple: replace ice cubes with stones. Your whisky will still be properly chilled but not diluted.
These cubes are made of steatite also known as soapstone. This metamorphic rock is dense enough to chill your drink and soft enough to not scratch your glasses.

You can find them on uncommongoods.com.

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