Design award winning "Mobile Tail".

mobile tail

Created by Korean designers Jangwon Park and Sangwoo Park, this support was inspired by the shape of an animal's tail. The Parks won an award at the Tokyo Designers Week 2011 with this "mobile tail".
Here is one of the most innovative designs in the mobile device accessory world.

This little support can be used to hold a phone or PMP while you read or watch a movie. Simply attach the tale anywhere on the back of your device and adjust the tail to orient the screen to desired angle. Since it is held in place with a simple suction cup, you can move or remove it as many times as you want.

mobile tail

This cool gadget is sold for under $10. Do not forget the social dimension of this product as one percent of the profits is donated to an animal preservation group. Now there are two good reasons to buy one for everyone on your Holiday list.

For more details, check out Studiooo Factory web site.

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