Black Russian: the other black gold.

black russian cocktail with vodka and kahlua

Here is one of the classic cocktail you have to try at least once in your life. You might have seen it on menus or in your cocktail recipe book but never got tempted enough. That was a big mistake.

This is one of those cocktail extremely easy to prepare but ridiculously wonderful and with a unique flavor.

Black Russian is basically vodka flavored with coffee liquor.
- vodka
- Kahlua
- Ice cubes
- Fill a short tumbler, also called rock glass or old fashion glass, with ice cubes (non crushed)
- Pour 5 parts of vodka directly in the glass
- Pour 2 parts of Kahlua in the glass
- Stir gently with a spoon
- Enjoy
I usually use Kahlua but you can use other coffee liquor like Starbucks.
IF you are not a fan of strong cocktails, you might want to try the "Long Black Russian". The recipe is identical but is prepared in a long drink glass. At the end of the recipe, top off the glass with Coke. This version of the Black Russian is more refreshing but sweeter and less intense than the original recipe.

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