A new focus: the Derringer cycle.

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Board-track motorcycles from the 1920s are among the most renown and respected bikes in the world. In addition to their spectacular performances, they had a unique simple and polished design that was the result of stripping of everything that was not needed.

Created by industrial designer Adrian Van Anz, the Derringer cycles capture the spirit of that design and build on their iconic lines. The company brings to market a modern reinterpretation of the vehicle with low line, aggressive look and simplified components.

bubble calendar

This time around, the focus was put on efficiency and personalization. The engineering was pointed towards fuel efficiency with a a 4-cycle moto-hybrid drivetrain that returns a respectable 180 miles to the gallon.
The brand offers a high level of customization as each bike is crafted to the specification of its owner.

The second picture shows the "Restoration Hardware" special edition.

How will you design yours?

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