What I have read: the TarGetBooks Shelf.

targetbook shelf by Mebrure Oral

Every person I know has his or her own way to organize books on a shelf. For some, it will be by author, for other by field or topic. I have even seen books organized by size or color.

Mebrure Oral offers a new type of shelf unlike anything else I have seen before. I thought of something that would achieve this but could never implement it in a satisfactory way: keep track of what has been read and what needs to be read. Of course you can try to remember but let’s be honest, after 6 months, we forget.

targetbook shelf by Mebrure Oral

This "TarGetBooks" not only is beautiful by its simple purpose, efficient design, clean lines and readability. It will also be a great motivator that will keep track of your progress. It is stimulating! If like me you force yourself to read a certain number of books a year, you will be happy and proud to see the “Has been read” side filling up and you make progress on the path to knowledge.

Material: Medium density fiberboard with laquer coat
Measurements: 202cm/26cm/74cm

Price: around $520

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