Simple Ikea lamp: Vaster

Ikea vaster lamp

Winter seems to push creativity, at least if you are a lamp designer. If you have been following us, you know that we often present beautiful but expensive creations. Today, we are looking at the other end of the spectrum with a brand new product from Ikea.

The Swedish company just released a new pendant lamp called “Vaster”. This is a steel and polycarbonate body housing LED lighting elements.

While the design itself is very exciting and reminds us of shapes from the 60s and 70s, the most interesting part of the story might be the story itself. As Core77 mentioned in a recent article “VASTER started out as an [upright] lamp with an unbelievably small lamp head, made possible by LED technology. Sitting on a thin pole, which can be at a low, medium or high position”.

The team of designers loved the shape of this lamp so much they tried to make a pendant lamp with it but never succeeded. The results were just not good enough. The small size of the bulb was to blame. Integrating LED technology in new designs can create problems. Designers might be tempted to create smaller fixtures, which is not necessarily a good idea, or at least an appealing design.
So, someone at Ikea decided to increase its size by voilĂ .

The shape and proportions are now balanced and the design just works. This principle of using incandescent bulb era proportioned lamps is not unlike this move from Panasonic.
This drop shaped energy efficient creation should be available soon. The red, blue and white were coordinated with REIDAR chairs collection.

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