Phonophone III : the phonograph resurrected.

phonographe amplifier iphone

Most of us have a full sound system in our living room and probably some kind of small speakers in the office. That leaves many rooms in the house without any means of filling the space with sweet music. We could install players in all the rooms but this would quickly become expensive. In addition to the cost, a recurrent problem is the lack of power outlets where we want the music. There is now an elegant solution for us.

Tristan Zimmermann, an industrial designer, created a passive amplifier specifically for the iPhone: the Phonofone III.
This sculptural device is handmade in Canada and crafted from ceramic. It amplifies four times the volume of the sound emitted by the speaker of the phone using an old fashioned acoustic horn. Yes, just a horn, no need for external power.

phonographe amplifier iphone

Interested? Visit or to order yours.

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