Designer's favorite: Nostalgic LED bulb by Panasonic.

Panasonic retro clear glass led bulb

Most of the high efficiency low energy bulbs you can buy nowadays have their own specific design. Typically, compact fluorescent light bulbs try to hide their ugly big internals behind enormous white globes. Newer LED bulbs tend to adopt a high tech look with brushed metal or over designed shapes.

The recently launched Panasonic LDAHV4L27CG might be the first LED bulb that goes back, design-wise, to the roots of lighting: a simple clear glass that shows the light source.
This bulb can achieve a lifetime of 40,000 hours or approximately 40 years (at usage of 2.7 hours per day).Major advantage of LEDs over CFL: LEDs delivers 100% of the light instantly. No need to wait a warm up of the lamp. Best of all, this bulb uses just 4.4 watts.

Many people should appreciate the clean look and nostalgic atmosphere this bulb will create with is retro clear glass and visible light source. You will also have the same shadows you used to see with old incandescent clear bulbs. Because of its similar size and similar light temperature, this will make a perfect replacement for regular bulbs.

With the same dimensions as the traditional light bulb, it can be used as a perfect replacement for incandescent light bulbs.
Panasonic has won a Good Design Gold Awards 2011 with their new LED bulb.

- Ultra Long Life 40,000 hours
- 80% Energy Saving LED Bulb (4.4W=20W) with A-Energy Rating
- Soft Warm Colour (2700 Kelvin)
- Compact Size, 300 degree light (E27 socket)
- No Mercury!

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