BookBook - the iphone case gets versatile.

bookbook iphone cover twelve south

The creativity of the human brain is quite extraordinary. Humans have found ways to re-invent art and tools over and over. For centuries, man has perfected and improved everything from the wheel to media.
One recent example would be cell phone cases. They have been around for decades and yet, designers and engineers continue to improve their look, strength and usability every day.

bookbook iphone cover twelve south

One of our favorites is the BookBook case, a new creation from Twelve South. The concept is similar to what they have designed for the MacBook and iPad. The case mimics a vintage leather-bound book.
It is classy, it is stylish and highly versatile. The Bookbook case doubles as a wallet and let you carry cash and cards with you. This is not the first cover to perform these duties but probably one of the nicest implementations to date.

bookbook iphone cover twelve south
Follow the link to find out more about Twelve South and this product.

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