Back to good basics.

Complex home cinema, music streaming and mp3 have taken our attention away from simple things like the radio. The Tivoli Audio Model One is a simple stylish table-top FM radio that does one thing and does it very well. The sound comes out of a single full-range 3in speaker. The device isn’t by any means complicated: one speaker, three knobs and that is pretty much it. But don’t be fooled, behind this ultra simplistic allure lies one of the best FM tuners you will find on the market, a high precision tuning mechanism and a truly fantastic audio quality.

Tivoli offers a full range of product articulated around the concept of a simple radio. This includes table, internet and clocks radio as well as hi-fi components.

The model one retails for $150 on the Tivoli web site

Presentation of the company from the official web site:
Tivoli Audio was created for one purpose - to bring beautifully designed, simple-to-use, high quality audio products to consumers at a fair price. The company was founded by Tom DeVesto, a highly respected innovator in the audio industry whose decades-long career includes senior management positions at Advent Corporation, Kloss Video and the co-founding of Cambridge SoundWorks. As CEO and head of R & D at his former company, Tom was responsible for the development of some of the best selling and most innovative hifi and multimedia speaker products available.
Our products represent a level of sound quality and fit and finish which is unequalled in their price range. Every Tivoli Audio product is manufactured in our own factory, which affords us exceptional quality control. Words cannot fully convey the experience of living with - and listening to - one of our radios, so we invite you to take advantage of our Risk Free 30 Days In-Home audition period. This is the only way to truly discover what makes our products so special. Please visit our website often for our latest news and reviews and feel free to contact us if you have questions.
All of our products make elegant, distinctive gifts for Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, weddings, graduations, birthdays, housewarmings, and other special occasions.

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