A stadium on a table: '11 football table

'11 is a new football table. But this is not your regular football table. It took designers a full year to develop this luxury game that is now produced in limited quantities.

The inspiration for this splendid design was the majesty of modern soccer stadiums. The creators wanted the table to reflect grandiose architecture of these magnificent buildings. The use of light to the pitch, goals and ball return was meant to echo the atmosphere of real arenas. This table, called ’11, received Red Dot and GIO design awards.

11’s first customer was Louis Vuitton. The famous French fashion brand ordered a table for the menswear section of their flagship store in Tokyo. To make this already exclusive table even more unique, Louis Vuitton flower motifs were stamped on the players and at the end of each handle.

The table is available for purchase on ’11 website for approximately €48500 or $64000.

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