1983 Swatch Jelly Fish GZ010 swatch jelly fish gz010 1983.

swatch jelly fish gz010 1983

This might not be the first one nor the original, but it is probably one of the most iconic watches Swatch has ever created (say that three times fast). Many people still remember this unique watch that was forward thinking at that time. Part of the 1983 Spring-Summer collection, the GZ010, known as "jelly fish" featured a transparent case, front and back as well as transparent wrist band.

Almost 30 years ago, it was almost revolutionary to display with pride a cheap quartz mechanism in a plastic case; back then, showing your guts was reserved to the sapphire glass 21 jewels elite.
This affordable timepiece has since become a collector item often traded for several hundreds of dollars.

This is not the most luxurious watch, it doesn't have any complication, has no high tech feature built in and it is definitely not the most beautiful watch ever but this is our tribute to avant garde design made available to the the masses.

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